Aldomet BV - Ferro & Non Ferro Trading & Recycling
With years of experience in the industry Aldomet is a reliable partner for the purchase and sale of aluminum and other metals such as:

refining (scrap metal)
RVS stainless steel

Although you can provide all your metals to Aldomet, the focus is on one of the most widely used metal in the world: Aluminium.Aldomet is specialized in the purchase and sale of this product in all forms such as new sheets, tain tabor, castings, profiles, turnings and other products like wheels.Because of the accumulated expertise Aldomet has good market prospects for all metals.Aldomet's no-nonsense structure can assure you quick payments and competitive prices.
Aldomet buys your metals and delivers it to the end users.
With this, Aldomet forms the last link in the recycling chain of iron and metals.
Permits and Transport

Aldomet has all the necessary permits and diploma's for transportation, collecting and trading of Ferro and Non Ferro:
NIWO-VIHB license number: ZH522939XXHB

Diploma Waste Treatment number: 402801
So you can be sure of the fact that Aldomet takes care of all the transport and recycling in a responsible way.
Even the storage is taken care of.


If you don't have a storage space or a container Aldomet can provide containers from 1 m3 to 40 m3. These containers will be placed on your location and transported when full.
Small amounts of metal can also be picked up by Aldomet at your residence.
For more information or questions you can call, whatsapp or E-mail Aldomet.
Thank you for your time!


You can send Aldomet a question or E-mail directly.
Your question will always be answered within 24 hours.

Direct call: 0031645411604
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